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Blast chillers & freezers

We supply a large range of Blastchillers/freezers that allow both blast chilling and freezing so helping to reduce food waste, increase productivity in the kitchen and conform to HACCP requirements when cooling foodstuffs. Units include undercounter, countertop, Slimline and Roll In's. The Sagi Multifunction blast chillers have added features such as low temperature cooking, proofing, thawing and dehydrating making them a very flexible addition to the kitchen. The DF351 & NF51H are designed for a combi oven to stand on top so allowing you to take produce straight from the oven and place in the blastchiller below - reducing the footprint of equipment. In addition the NF51H can then be programmed to re-heat chilled food ready for hot service.

16 products found
16 products found